Dr. Cecil’s CV


NAME: Bennet Downs Cecil III, M.D.

Hepatitis C Treatment Centers
1009A Dupont Square N Louisville, KY 40207 (502)-894-9950 FAX: (502)-894-9991

BIRTH: April 30 1952 Oxnard, California

MARITAL STATUS: Married to Rose Kriss Cecil

EDUCATION: May 1973 BA with honors Major in Chemistry University of Louisville
May 1977 M.D. University of Louisville School of Medicine

July 1977 to June 1979 Resident in Pathology Duke University Medical Center

July 1979-Jan 1981 Resident in Internal Medicine Moses Cone Memorial Hospital Greensboro, North Carolina Affiliated with the University of North Carolina

July 1987-June 1989 Fellow (Gastroenterology/Hepatology) University of Louisville Affiliated Hospitals Louisville, KY 40292 Chief: Richard Redinger, M.D.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: March 1982-May 1987 Internal Medicine Solo Practice Danville, Kentucky July 1989-May 1996
Private Practice Gastroenterology/Hepatology Louisville Kentucky September 1996-May 1997
Primary Care Blue Clinic Ireland Army Hospital Fort Knox, Kentucky Sept 1996-May 1997
Assistant Professor of Medicine University of Louisville School of Medicine Louisville VAMC 1997-1998
Physician Louisville VAMC Louisville, Kentucky December 1998-Present
Corporate Medical Director Hepatitis C Treatment Centers Inc. Louisville, Kentucky

BOARD CERTIFICATIONS: Diplomate American Board Internal Medicine 1982 Diplomate American Board Gastroenterology 1989

HONORS AND AWARDS: Dr. Morris Newberg Scholarship Award (First in medical school class in Internal Medicine) WEB SITE: www.hepatitisdoctor.com

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RESEARCH: Coinvestigator VA Cooperative Study 391. Effect of Polyunsaturated Lecithin on Liver Fibrosis. Coinvestigator VA Cooperative Study 352. Colchicine in the Treatment of Alcoholic Cirrhosis of the Liver. Coinvestigator Protocol R97-024. Intron A + Ribavirin for Treatment of Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C not Previously Treated with Interferon. Coinvestigator Protocol R96-419. Intron A + Ribavirin for Treatment of Patients with Interferon –Refractory or Interferon-Relapsed Chronic Hepatitis C. Two protocols using Infergen monotherapy Two protocols using Pegasys plus ribavirin
One protocol using Pegasys plus thymosin One protocol using PegIntron plus ribavirin

MEDICAL LICENSE: Kentucky 21721

MEMBERSHIPS: American Gastroenterological Association Jefferson County Medical Society Kentucky Medical Association