Hepatitis C

How do I get tested for HCV?
How does HCV spread from one person to another?
Can I spread HCV with sex?
Why do baby boomers born between 1945-1965 need to be tested once for HCV?
How many people die from HCV each year in the USA?
How does heroin spread HCV?
If I have HCV and I am pregnant will my baby get infected too?
Can HCV live outside of the body?
What is the difference between hepatitis C and hepatitis B?
What about hepatitis A?
What if I have both hepatitis B and hepatitis C?
Can I protect myself from viral hepatitis with vaccination?
What is hepatitis C genotype and does it matter?
What is HCV-RNA level and does it matter?


Why should I treat my HCV now?
What drugs are used to treat HCV?
Do they have side effects?
Do you use interferon any longer for HCV?
What is the cure rate?
When do I know that I am cured?
If I am cured can I get reinfected with HCV?


Does Medicaid pay for HCV treatment now?

Liver Injury and Cirrhosis

What is the difference between fibrosis and cirrhosis

Do patients with cirrhosis have a lower cure rate?
What is liver failure?
What is Child's A, B and C liver failure?
What is portal hypertension?
What does an enlarged spleen mean?
What is jaundice?
How can I tell how much liver damage I have?