If you do not live close to Louisville or Russell Springs I can still treat you by Telehealth.

Telehealth is long distance medical care using computer videoconferencing. It is similar to “Facetime” on your cellular phone. You must be referred to me by your primary care provider (PCP) for consultation and treatment of hepatitis C. Every person should have a PCP.

Your blood tests and ultrasound exams are done in your primary care provider’s office or local hospital, and the results are sent to us.

We meet over the computer video with you in your PCP’s  office. I review your tests with you, answer your questions and order your treatment.

We obtain preauthorization for the treatment medications from your insurance company and ship the medication to your PCP.

You visit your PCP the day before starting treatment, then again at 2,4,8 and for some medications 12 weeks of treatment where you are seen by your own PCP and give a blood sample. These results are sent to us.

You return to your PCP 3 months after completion to be certain that your hepatitis C viral level is zero and that you are cured. Your PCP sends your labs to us.

If you have cirrhosis or severe liver fibrosis you return every six months to your PCP for ultrasound examination of the liver and blood tests.

If you have mild or moderate liver damage you return to your PCP once a year.

You call my office if you have questions about HCV or the treatment.

Telehealth is a great way to provide expert treatment of HCV to patients who live a long distance from one of our two clinic locations. Any patient in Kentucky who wants me to treat them can easily make me their hepatitis doctor.